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Giselle Peters was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics at the Alberta College of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Psychology with Distinction at Concordia University. Giselle has participated in artist residence programs in Lethbridge, Alberta and in Truro, Massachusetts and has exhibited her work in Canada and in the US. She has also participated in research for the creative arts in human development. She now resides in Lethbridge, Alberta where she makes and teaches ceramic arts. She works primarily in ceramic, making both functional pottery and sculpture.


I create characters that confront a world of the unknown which is both wonderful and terrifying, silly and sinister. I hope to alleviate the seriousness of life and recreate a childhood innocence where anything is possible. I believe in art as play which is a necessary tool for learning and development at all ages. I create in this mindset, allowing characters to evolve organically and grow into their own unique personalities without design. I am inspired by prehistoric figurines, cave paintings, mythical creatures, anthropomorphism, the process of evolution, archetypal figures, and research of automatism in art therapy.