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    Experience Medalta

    Mix and match experiences to create a full itinerary. All options work as stand-alone experiences or are complementary to one another. Customization available upon request. All tours include museum admission ($12.00 value). A tax of 5% is added to the final price. Deposit of 10% required upon booking.

    Special discounts for Military Personnel.

    Core Experiences

    Medalta Beehive Kilns & Factory Tour

    1 – 1.5 hours

    Walk the same floors as the early workers in this historic factory – a time capsule to the beginning of Western Canada’s industrial revolution. Enter Medalta’s iconic beehive kilns, explore our nationally-recognized archaeological excavations.

    Availability: Year round, on your schedule!

    12 -100 Guests Less than 12 guests
    Adult $15 Flat Rate $144
    Senior $12
    Child $12

    The Bricks that Built the Badlands

    2 hours

    Between stunning cliffs and coulees sits an industrial gem: the Medicine Hat Brick & Tile Factory. Discover the stories and people that shaped the settlement of the Badlands, from 1886 to the factory’s end by flood in 2010.

    Availability: Suggested May-October.

    12 -100 Guests Less than 12 guests
    Adult $17.50 Flat Rate $180
    Senior $15
    Child $15

    Play in the Mud!

    2 hours

    Clay is a unique material – it can offer immediate satisfaction or endless complexity. Try it for yourself, in a hands-on experience with one of our artists-in-residence. Get messy and find your creativity in the Canadian Badlands!

    Availability: From October – April

    2 people $250 Min: 2
    Additional $50  Max: 20


    These options are only available in combination with one of the above tours.

    Add An Expert

    Experience an intimate visit with experts that can offer highly specific insights into different aspects of the industry and landscapes of Medicine Hat.

    Former Factory Foreman
    Company President
    Local Brick Muralist and Museum Founder

    Availability: Determined case-by-case

    Flat Rate $190 – 390 (Depending on Season and Availability)

    Historical Processes – Live!

    30 – 45 mins

    Slip casts, jiggers, and glazes? Medalta is a living factory where historical processes come to life, demonstrated by our production artists. They’ll show you how it was done in the early 20th century, on machines that are over 100 years old!

    Availability: Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm

    12 -100 Guests Less than 12 guests
    Adult $8 Flat Rate $72
    Senior $6
    Child $6

    Food & Event Services

    Beers in a brick factory? Wood-fired pizza after a hard day of throwing pottery? Coffee and tea in a collection of one-of-a-kind mugs made at Medalta? We have an amazing selection of partners to cater for any occasion. Tell us about your group and let us propose a plan for making sure they leave more than satisfied!

    Starting at $6 per person Min: 12
     Max: 100
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