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    Vision Statement

    The Friends of Medalta Society is dedicated to developing the Historic Clay District as “A world-class cultural district with a heart of clay”.

    Mission Statement

    The Friends of Medalta Society (the “Society”) fosters an understanding and appreciation of the Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic District (known as the “Historic Clay District”), its importance in the development of Medicine Hat, and its impact across Canada through collection, preservation, exhibition and interpretation.

    Medalta Staff

    The Friends of Medalta Society is a not-for-profit organization established in 1986 which is dedicated to the restoration and development of Medalta Potteries National Historic Site and the 150 acre Historic Clay District as a world-class artistic and cultural hub. Within the District are the historic Medicine Hat Potteries, Hycroft China Provincial Historic Resource, the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Provincial Historic Resource and the National Porcelain Site. Together, Medicine Hat’s clay industries formed one of Western Canada’s earliest and largest industries.

    Aaron Nelson

    Executive Director

    Laurie Switzer

    Executive Assistant

    Adeana Jesse

    Finance Coordinator

    Carolyn Freeman

    Education Coordinator

    Noriko Masuda

    Residency Coordinator

    Lisa Miklash

    Production Coordinator

    Debbie Eskildsen

    Customer Experience & Sales Coordinator

    Jessica Knodel

    Marketing/Communications Coordinator

    Alice Osmond

    Booking Coordinator

    Cody Weiss

    Facility Coordinator

    Susan Mckinnon

    Collection Manager

    Pamela Irvine

    Event Supervisor/Janitorial

    Matt Boyd

    Studio Technician

    Al Dillman

    MHBT Site Manager

    Claire Goodfellow

    Tour Guide/Museum Experience Associate

    Shane Lewans

    Janitorial Assistant/Events

    Curtis Windover

    Maintenance Assistant

    Wendy Struck

    Education Associate

    Annette ten Cate


    Chloe McKim


    Melanie Gaudet

    Event Staff & Instructor

    Rob Froese


    Grace Boyd

    Studio Technician & Instructor

    Michelle Schneider

    Event Staff

    Genevieve Mathieu

    Event Staff

    Jocelyne Bouvier

    Event Staff

    Faith Minor-Kozie

    Event Staff

    Nicole Nemo

    Event Staff

    Justine Wilton

    Event Staff

    Terry Murphy

    Event Staff

    Harley Challinor

    Event Staff

    Lucas Irvine

    Event Staff

    Zach Quin

    Event Staff

    Friends of Medalta Society

    Dr. Linda Rossler


    Mr. Randy Lehr

    Vice Chair

    Mr. Drew Jackiw


    Mr. James Parsons


    Ald. Jamie McIntosh

    Council Representative

    Ms. Kimberley Knight


    Mrs. Jane Mackay


    Dr. Dennis Schneider


    Mr. Lorne Simpson


    Mr. Roger Sept


    Dr. Denise Henning


    Mr. Aaron Nelson

    Executive Director

    Ms. Laurie Switzer

    Finance Director & Recording Secretary

    2016/2017 Supporters

    Honour Roll

    Honour Roll recipients have made significant contributions to the Friends of Medalta Society. Many of the Founding Committee members continue to offer their services as advisors and volunteers for the society, as do many retired members of the Board of Directors. Volunteers are selected for the extraordinary effort they have extended to the society’s various programs, and staff are chosen for their selfless dedication and perseverance in achieving the goals of the Historic Clay District.

    Len Mitzel
    Joyce Yamamoto


    Barry Finkelman
    Jacquie Heard

    Marilyn Pacheco
    Ken Zollner

    Rino Basso
    Ronald Getty

    Basil Leismeister
    Tony Schlachter

    Lorne Simpson
    Laurie Switzer


    Brian Unger
    Bill Yuill

    Paula Armstrong
    Nancy Beatch
    Bert Hargrave (posthumous)

    Allan Jensen
    Audrey Malek

    Phyllis McLaughlin
    John Moldon

    Carol O’Brien
    Rob Renner

    Malcolm Sissons
    Dan Taylor (posthumous)

    Annette Unger
    Sharon Zollner

    Yvonne Anctil
    Bill Bauman
    Dianne Finch

    Jack Forbes
    Arne Handley
    Darcey Howells

    David Jamieson
    Reiny Lehr


    Jane MacKay
    Les Manning

    James & Lorine Marshall
    Sharon Sept

    Clayton Sissons
    Bob Townsend

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