Vision Statement

The Friends of Medalta Society is dedicated to developing the Historic Clay District as “A world-class cultural district with a heart of clay”.

Mission Statement

The Friends of Medalta Society (the “Society”) fosters an understanding and appreciation of the Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic District (known as the “Historic Clay District”), its importance in the development of Medicine Hat, and its impact across Canada through collection, preservation, exhibition and interpretation.

Medalta Staff

The Friends of Medalta Society is a not-for-profit organization established in 1986 which is dedicated to the restoration and development of Medalta Potteries National Historic Site and the 150 acre Historic Clay District as a world-class artistic and cultural hub. Within the District are the historic Medicine Hat Potteries, Hycroft China Provincial Historic Resource, the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Provincial Historic Resource and the National Porcelain Site. Together, Medicine Hat’s clay industries formed one of Western Canada’s earliest and largest industries.

*Staff photos taken by James Farrell

Mike Onieu

Executive Director

Laurie Switzer

Executive Assistant

Katherine Tingley

Finance Coordinator

Wendy Struck

Education Coordinator

Amy Duval

Residency Coordinator

Lisa Miklash

Production Coordinator

Alice Osmond

Bookings Coordinator

Julia Clarke

Customer Experience Coordinator

Cody Weiss

Site Superintendent

Raene Poisson

Collection Manager

Sara Dell

Events Manager

Dan Labutes

Studio Technician

Aurelia Archibald

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Nolan Schotanus

Maintenance Summer Student

Tania Wagenaar

Production Assistant

Terry Murphy


Friends of Medalta Society

Randy Lehr


Melinda Arthur


Kimberley Knight

Vice Chair

Trudy Golley


Lorne Simpson


Dennis Schneider


Clint Lawrence


Linda Robertson


Ryan Cook


Brad Ambrosi


Mike Onieu

Executive Director

Laurie Switzer

Recording Secretary

2020 Supporters

Allen Dillman
All-Niter Esso
Amy Duval
Ann Hall
Ann Renee Lasante-Lehr
Anton Cu Unjieng
Ashlee Welz
Astrid Kruse
Baumann’s Ventilation & Plumbing Ltd.
Brent Hider
Carole Epp
Chandel Lovig
Charles Curtis
Charles & Patricia Bouman
Cheryl Stromsmoe
Christine Foster
Christine Townsend
Cindy Meier
Clayton Sissons
Craig Henderson
Craig & Andrea Best
David Stalwick
Dean Brandt
Dennis & LaDonna Schneider
Diamond Link Fencing
Dietrich Brand
Donna Sheardown
Ed Pharm Partnership
Estate of Luke Lindoe
Fraser Valley Potters Guild Assoc.
Gena Lacoste
Graeme Cruickshank
Greenbarn Potters Supply Ltd.
Greg’s Remedy’s Rx
Guy Ambrosio
Gwen Strojich
Harvey & Loretta Fix
Hilary Munro
Hope Smith
Hugh Prodan
Ian & Phyllis McLaughlin
Jamie McIntosh
Jane Mackay
Jennifer Demke-Lange
Justin Boodhoo
Kelly Schlenker
Ken Blair
Kimberley Knight
KIWANIS Club of Medicine Hat
Kristin Hobson
Laurie Berg
Laurie Switzer
Lindsay Steiner
Lorne Simpson
Louise Proulx
Lyndsay McCarty
Maiah Crowley
Malcolm & Jennifer Sissons
Margareta Hedin
Mark Leeder
Marlene Semrau
Melinda Arthur
Michelle Stigter
Mireille Perron
Nicola Anderson
Orrie Whitford
Partek IT Solutions
Phyllis Pudwell
Plainsman Clays Ltd.
Pullen-Philmore Holdings Ltd.
Rachelle Knutson
Randy A Lehr
Robin DuPont
Saamis Rotary Club 973
Sacha Lay
Safira Lachapelle
Sandi Ratch
Sayler Steinke
Scott McCreath
Short Grass Ranches Ltd.
Siobhan Jubelius
Steven Lazzer
Terry Baumback
The Curtin Family
Tom Plante
Tourism Medicine Hat
Tyler Totman
Vancouver Island Potters Supply
Vernon McNalley
Virginia Marsh
Wayne Baumback
William Butler

Honour Roll

Honour Roll recipients have made significant contributions to the Friends of Medalta Society. Many of the Founding Committee members continue to offer their services as advisors and volunteers for the society, as do many retired members of the Board of Directors. Volunteers are selected for the extraordinary effort they have extended to the society’s various programs, and staff are chosen for their selfless dedication and perseverance in achieving the goals of the Historic Clay District.

Linda Rossler


Cody Weiss

Dave Stalwick


“The Kiln Diners” Bert and Donna Propp & Dennis and LaDonna Schneider

Jacquelyn Penner

Gwen Strojick

Larry Switzer


Sharon Aaltonen

Wayne Baumback

Allen Dillman

Darla Sawatsky

Quentin Brehmer

Earl Morris

Len Vandervaart

Jim Adams

Phyllis Harvey

Bert Kleis

Jim Pratt

Len Mitzel
Joyce Yamamoto


Barry Finkelman
Jacquie Heard

Marilyn Pacheco
Ken Zollner

Rino Basso
Ronald Getty

Basil Leismeister
Tony Schlachter

Lorne Simpson
Laurie Switzer


Brian Unger
Bill Yuill

Paula Armstrong
Nancy Beatch
Bert Hargrave (posthumous)

Allan Jensen
Audrey Malek

Phyllis McLaughlin
John Moldon

Carol O’Brien
Rob Renner

Malcolm Sissons
Dan Taylor (posthumous)

Annette Unger
Sharon Zollner

Yvonne Anctil
Bill Bauman
Dianne Finch

Jack Forbes
Arne Handley
Darcey Howells

David Jamieson
Reiny Lehr


Jane MacKay
Les Manning

James & Lorine Marshall
Sharon Sept

Clayton Sissons
Bob Townsend