The Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics

This 12,000 sq ft purpose-built ceramics studio is located among beehive kilns, a historic china factory, museum and decommissioned brickyard in Medicine Hat, Alberta. All aspects of the art making process have been considered in the design of the building. Large, well ventilated and well-equipped studios have movable walls to accommodate the needs of all artists. We can accommodate up to sixteen artists at one time in the studios.

Situé à Medicine Hat en Alberta, le Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics (Centre international de la céramique contemporaine Shaw) est un studio de céramique. Le centre de 12,000 pieds carrés fut récemment construit à proximité des fours circulaires (en forme de ruche), de la manufacture historique de porcelaine, du musée et de la briqueterie désaffectée.

Kiln Rentals

Medalta’s Shaw Centre is a state-of-the-art ceramic residency facility with a soda kiln, salt kiln, large gas car kiln, Blaauw gas kiln, and seven electric kilns. Although we use them a lot for our residencies and workshops, we also rent them out.

If you don’t have easy access to a specific kiln where you are, consider using ours. It can be a great way for an individual or group to experiment with new firing techniques.

The BLAAUW kiln is an invaluable research tool for the Ceramics community at Medalta, with programming software that allows for extreme customization of firing schedules, highly accurate firing times, and a level of energy efficiency that greatly reduces our environmental impact. The BLAAUW controller needs an upgrade that costs $16,000, and we are hoping that with the support of our community, we will be able to fundraise a portion of this cost. 

Our Salt & Soda Kilns were built  over 10 years ago, and thanks to the generous contributions of our community, we were able to rebuild these kilns were rebuilt over 2019/2020. These kilns will still require periodic maintenance and upgrades. Your continued support will help us maintain the integrity of these kilns. 

Facilities Gallery

Located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, the Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics is a ceramic studio. The 12,000-square-foot centre was recently built near the circular beehive kilns, the historic porcelain factory, the museum and the abandoned brick factory.

All aspects of the artist creation process were considered in the design of the building. The studios are adequately ventilated and illuminated and have removable walls perfect to accommodate the needs of all artists.

For more information, flip through our Medalta International Artists in Residence Program Blurb Book. 

Tous les aspects du processus de création des artistes ont été considérés dans la conception de l’édifice. Les studios sont adéquatement ventilés et illuminés et possèdent des murs amovibles parfait pour accommoder les besoins de tous les artistes.

Artists have 24-hour studio access to the facility which includes:

  • ceramic colour decal printer / Une imprimante couleur à calque pour céramique
  • silkscreen printing equipment / Équipement de sérigraphie
  • fully stocked glaze lab with task ventilation area / Laboratoire de glaçure bien approvisionné avec table de travail ventilée
  • waterfall spray booth / Cabine de pulvérisation à rideau d’eau
  • variable speed blunger / Délayeur à vitesses variées
  • slab rollers / Rouleaux de dalle
  • wood kiln / Four au bois
  • raku kilns / Four raku
  • extruder / Boudineuse
  • clay mixer and pugmill / Mélangeur à argile et malaxeur
  • 16 cu.ft. soda kiln / Four au soda de 16 pieds cubes
  • 16 cu.ft. salt kiln / Four à sel de 16 pieds cubes
  • 30 cu.ft. gas car kiln / Four au gaz de 30 pieds cubes
  • 10 cu.ft. BLAAUW Gas Kiln / Four Blaauw au gaz de 10 pieds cubes (currently out of service due to a defunct controller. Please consider donating to our fundraising efforts to upgrade this kiln controller)

  • 7 electric kilns / 7 fours électriques
  • ball mills / Broyeur à billes
  • plaster area / Espace pour le plâtre
  • showers / Douches
  • washer and dryer / Laveuse/sécheuse
  • resource library and meeting room / Bibliothèque spécialisée et salle de réunion
  • kitchen/ Cuisine
  • wood-fired Pizza/Bread Oven / Four à bois pour pizza et pain
  • wireless internet / Internet sans fil