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Learning @ Medalta

When natural gas was discovered in Medicine Hat, industry changed. With a seemingly unending supply of fuel and local clay banks, “clay was king”! These resources, as well as water, eager workers and an established train line, were the perfect combination for successful ceramic industries. This was a city where factories made bricks, ceramic pipes, building tiles, insulators, and pottery for homesteaders, big hotels, and even emperors!

Imagine the unique educational experiences as our learning adventures begin at Medalta, a restored pottery factory from the turn of the 20th Century. Here students can discover, observe and investigate:

  • “State of the art” (for 1912, that is) machinery that crushed rocks, mixed mud and transported clay;
  • Historic photos of former workers that tell stories of life in the early 1900s;
  • Working Heritage machines and pottery making methods
  • Beehive kilns that not only fired clay for 40 years, but provided shelter to the homeless during the Depression and host events today
  • Thousands of pieces of pottery that helped define Medicine Hat as the clay capital of Canada.
  • Clay!

Full Steam Ahead!

We are excited that Medalta is part of the NASA Museum Alliance! As such, we receive fabulous information about space and sky science and other STEAM information.

The STEAM model is designed to inspire students to explore Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, and Math through collaborative design projects, guided explorations of the natural environment, experimentation with engineering and technology, and learning through play. This journey will help students develop a passion for science and discover the areas that excite them. With a history of pottery making and a factory full of technology, Medalta provides the perfect venue to merge learning about the sciences and arts.

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