Asha Robertson’s devotion to the arts began at her roots. Her father a sculpture and mother a painter, introduced art as an integral part of life. Robertson’s formal education started with a four-year mentorship under sculpture Kather Venter. This Mentorship in turn brought her to the Art Institute of Chicago and then to the Alberta collage of Art and Design. Where majoring in sculpture Robertson explored an interdisciplinary practice opening her eyes to expressing the three dimensional through form and material. In 2002 she completed a BFA degree. She now continues her practice in the east Kootenays.


Currently my art practice is in a state of flux. When I started having kids I kept on trucking relentlessly providing art to the galleries that represented me. Last fall when my youngest was 2.5 I kinda fell flat. I wasn’t happy about a whole bunch of things about my practice I didn’t feel like I was developing.. I was so rushed, and everything I made was sub-par. So ya in a funk. If I am to make any statement about my art I am currently in research and development, preparing deal with the restrictions of my current practice.

May, June 2017