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Folks like you are why, over 40-years ago, Medalta was saved. Help us to continue the spirit of our heritage.

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Learn how we plan to recognize our appreciation for Heritage donors.

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These walls have over 100 years of stories in them, here are a few for you.

This grassroots campaign started over 40-years ago

Heritage Patrons believe small donations can go a long way to supporting local organizations. These individuals are a part of the Medicine Hat community and know Medalta is an important part of their history – and future.

This grassroots campaign started over 40-years ago when Medalta’s founders realized they needed to engage the community to help them ensure Medalta could stay open and thrive in Medicine Hat. The campaign was a huge success and the results where published in the newspaper.

Today, Medalta still needs the support of the community to continue to do what we do. Every year Medalta will engage the community in a Heritage Patrons campaign. The campaign will look and feel a lot like it did 40-years ago. It will be the community’s opportunity to give back. Each year a campaign will be announced on Medalta’s social media channels.

Original Medalta Memberships

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