Part maker, part dreamer, part storyteller; start your volunteer career today with Medalta in the Historic Clay District.

In its heyday this historic industrial site was once home to a staff of 300 people working in sweltering and dusty conditions to deliver clay products to people all over the world. Today conditions have improved dramatically, but one unifying theme remains a constant – the tight knit team that continues to grow and evolve this site into the community centre it is today.

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Why Volunteer with Medalta?

Volunteering supports Medalta and promotes hands-on experiences, artistic expression, and educational innovation. Volunteers contribute to the community while gaining additional experience and new skills. Volunteers get to know each other at gatherings and special events, and by sharing their ideas and experiences. By engaging in the wide variety of volunteer opportunities possible at the museum, volunteers gain technical knowledge, learn how to work with the public, develop teaching skills, and refine work habits and management techniques. You may also choose to enhance your resume by listing the experience and skills you’ve gained through volunteer work at Medalta.

What We Offer You

  1. Effective volunteer involvement
  2. A safe and supportive environment for volunteers
  3. Opportunities to work with a highly committed team of staff and volunteers in a stimulating work environment
  4. Development and reinforcement of employment-related skills
  5. Letter of reference
  6. Record of your volunteer hours
  7. Respect and treatment as valued members of the team
  8. Transparent and fair recruitment, selection and screening process, job description, orientation, training and supervision for the position you accept
  9. Clear management practices and procedures
  10. Support and feedback on your performance
  11. Recognition for your contributions and added benefits

Recognition and Benefits

Volunteering offers benefits, after 40 hours of regular volunteering. You will receive a benefits card entitling you to the following benefits, effective one year from the time you complete 40 hours. This will be renewed as long your regular volunteer commitments continue.

  1. Food will be provided for volunteers working events with 10 or more volunteers
  2. Volunteer profiles will be published to our website, social media and e-newsletter periodically
  3. Annual Volunteer Appreciation event
  4. Birthday acknowledgments
  5. Free admission for yourself and a guest
  6. Invitations to events, visiting artist talks, demonstrations, etc.
  7. Volunteer discounts of 15% off any of the following regularly priced items:
  • Adult beginner classes
  • Kid’s classes
  • Gift Shop items (excluding food and beverage)