Set against the dramatic cliffs of the South Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat Alberta, the 150-acre Historic Clay District was once home to the earliest industry in Western Canada. Today the history of the once-dominant pottery & clay industry is being revived with the iconic Medalta Potteries National Historic Site providing the setting for a living, working museum.

Visitors to Medalta have the opportunity to walk the same path as the men & women who once worked in the factory. Today, the factory has been transformed into a museum showcasing the people and industry that made Medicine Hat. The Working Pottery makes replica Medalta pottery for sale in our gift shop – visitors can actually enter the studio and speak with workers.

As impressive as this industry was, most of our visitors appreciate the human element of those who once worked here. With the amount of history we have that has come to us orally, we decided to tell the stories of the interesting characters and stories of this place and have created an ongoing series of stories which are all available in the Stories section of our website.

Our Collections Room currently has over 30,000 pieces of Medicine Hat pottery with a different piece featured online every month. We are also featured in the Virtual Museum of Canada under the Communities Memory program.