Yalda received her MA Ceramics in Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2016. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Art from University of New Brunswick and a Diploma in fine craft from New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. 
She admires technology as much as she loves art; social and cultural issues are concepts that inspire her, so she is trying to find a way to marry technology and art and create a new language to talk about delicate subjects like violence and war, religion and women, fear and pain in the most tender way.


As a child, I have experienced one of the greatest horrors that humans have created for each other: War. I never noticed how much it is still living inside me, until the day I decided to pick violence, fear and pain as my subject for the MA program. I started researching these phenomena as an observer and the more I studied them the more I realized that I relate to them, more than I expected. Making ceramic pieces based on my research and soul searching has helped me understand me and connect with me.