Victoria Chin


Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, Victoria Chin received her Bachelor of Interior Design from Ryerson University in Toronto in 2005. She has been practicing as a designer for over 10 years. In 2012, motivated to work with her hands again, she completed a Diploma of Advanced Studies in contemporary ceramics at the Geneva University of Art and Design in Switzerland. Since returning to Toronto, she has been featured in the Toronto Design Offsite “White Out” group exhibition.


Through my sculptural work, I seek to explore the dichotomy between two opposing ideas. With a background in design, I gravitate towards the simple lines found in architectural forms. At the same time, I am inspired by nature, and its cycles of growth and decay. It is the dynamic relationship between architecture and nature that I strive to express through my work in ceramics. Clay enables me to create sculptures in any form, as there are infinite possibilities in surface treatments with textures and glazing techniques. It is the process, challenges and the unpredictable nature of ceramics that compels me to work with this fascinating material.

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