Veronika Horlik MA (McGill), MFA (NSCAD), is a Montreal artist who shares her time between her practice and teaching. She is faculty in both Visual Arts at John Abbott College, and, in Art Education at McGill University.  In 2015 she was awarded the RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award for her work PROUNS(SLASH).  In recent years, her work has been exhibited widely across Québec, in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, and Rome, Italy.  In 2017 her works SQUARE THE PINE, CIRCLE THE SQUARE were featured in Oh Ceramics! at the Esplanade Gallery (AB), a show that contemplated the 150th anniversary of confederation from the viewpoint of Canadian ceramic artists. 


Veronika’s ceramic practice draws largely on her experience working in reforestation in the Canadian North. In these vast sylviculture sites, mechanical incursions mix with the strength and beauty of nature, and a constant air of devastation mixes with the possibility of magnificent regeneration. This phenomenon, drawn from a forestry landscape, mirrors the human condition : moments of dejection and despair are transitory, with re-growth and renewal just around the corner.

August 2017