Susie received a BFA from the Emily Carr Institute for Art and Design (Studio Arts specializing in ceramics and printmaking) (1999) and a BA in Film and Communications from McGill University (1990).  Susie’s ceramic work has been featured in Canadian and international exhibitions, in outdoor and indoor public spaces, and in numerous private collections. Her work is often recognized for its compelling surfaces and its incorporation of complementary media. She creates both sculptural as well as functional work.EndFragment 


My work is informed equally by a deep relationship to the wild land I inhabit in rural eastern Ontario and by an interest in how objects – such as relics or devotional objects – embody and accumulate a potent energy as a result of focused labour, handling, and /or attention over time. I am interested also in how such objects occupy a liminal space, connecting the realms of human culture, the subterranean rumblings of our wild psyches, and our spirits. 

Similar to the effect that water and wind have on rock over time, my pieces are slowly stripped down and refined to their quiet, enigmatic forms. Many of my objects are made for handling and through extensive sanding (post firing) their unglazed surfaces attain a subtle burnished surface that is very sensual to the touch.

October-December 2017