The Body Made Restless- Stephanie Flowers

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Medalta International Artists in Residence 

Exhibition: June 16th– August 6th  

Reception: June 16th 7-9pm 

The Body Made Restless- Stephanie Flowers

Influenced by medical perspectives of the human body, biology, and anatomy, Stephanie Flowers artistic practice explores the fragmented body on display. She translates their poetic and surreal qualities into new forms that are minimal yet uncanny. Her work addresses alternate was of understanding, while questioning what the re-imagined body means in a contemporary context.

The Body Made Restless is a series of works created during her year long residency at the Medalta International Artists in Residence Centre. Through form these works reference the abstracted nature of scientific models and imagery. Merging structures with subtle organic allusions to the human body, her work explores negative and positive spaces through slip-casted ceramics. The Body Made Restless concerns itself with metaphors relating to containment, connections, and vulnerability, while also considering the boundaries of the interior and exterior of bodily form.

Stephanie Flowers is a ceramic based artist from Toronto, Ontario. She received her BFA at OCAD University where she majored in Sculpture & Installation while minoring in Material Art & Design. Recent exhibitions include CRAFT Ontario, Red Head Gallery, and the Gardiner Museum for the launch event of their First Position Patrons Circle. She has completed residencies at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, and Alfred University in New York. Her work has been supported with grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the Fusion Clay and Glass Association.

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