Sarah Magar

Sarah Magar was born in Dallas, Texas. She finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in ceramics at the University of Montana in 2015. In 2012, Sarah completed her internship with Zootown Arts Community Center as the gallery assistant. She has held several exhibitions in Missoula and shown work in Seattle, Washington. She has received awards from several juried shows, including the purchase of two pieces by the Montana Museum of Art and Culture in 2013.

Sarah strives to create visually imaginative and textural landscapes to touch and explore, provoking thought through the experience of a tangible object. She is fascinated with how the mind creates memories and the juxtaposition of experience, both real and perceived. For inspiration, she relies on the positive and negative influences experienced daily, confusion of dreams and memories, and the wondrous curiosity experienced as a child. She aims to instill this nostalgic and inquisitive imagination in others as they observe her work. Her imagery often blends satirical narratives drawn in vivid colors, with fragility, grace, and vulnerability.

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