Photograph provided by Shae’s Photography

There are few places in Southern Alberta which can match the character of Medalta’s Reception Gallery. This space, set among the historic Medalta Potteries is a fantastic example of historic, century-old industrial architecture brushed with elegant, modern touches.

People who choose to have their weddings here are seeking a specific, one-of-a-kind atmosphere. They have specific tastes which only this space can offer. It’s not for everybody, but those who do decide to hold their event here, love it. And so do their guests.

If you think you may be interested in holding your event at Medalta, please email for more details on our space specifications, guidelines and booking details.

Once you see what we can offer, get in touch with us to reserve your date in this unforgettable space.

*Please note: Medalta is a National Historic Museum. Some rules pertaining to renters are necessary to protect our venue for future generations. We will be making these guidelines public very soon!

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