Rachel Leary was born in Ireland in 1992. After finding a passion for art at school Rachel went on to study at Belfast School of Art, specializing in ceramics with a Contemporary Applied Arts degree in 2014. Finding a flare for experimental ceramics, Rachel went on to study at Cardiff Art School in Wales (UK) where she completed her Master’s degree in 2015, concentrating on material and process. Rachel recently participated in an artist residency at Guldagergaard’s esteemed Ceramic Centre in Denmark to broaden her creativity. Rachel is currently living and working in her hometown and exhibits throughout Ireland.


My ceramic practice is of an experimental nature, driven by a fascination with our microscopic natural world and the alchemy of our earth given material; clay. Alongside this, the process of making is especially important. For me, the kiln can create an ambiguous space where form and glaze work together to create a transition during the firing; each piece is unpredictable and completely unique. My work is a snapshot of the transition that has occurred in the kiln, a threshold of experimentation which is suspended in time.


June, July 2017