Polly Johnson

Polly Johnson received her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University. She began her professional design career in Chicago then pursued a Master’s degree in Visual Communication from Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently she is a faculty member at the Ringing College of Art and Design where she teaches 3D design, letterpress printing and typography. Her interest in clay was piqued while attending a workshop at the Penland School of Crafts. Since then she has been working between craft, art and design. Her work has been exhibited throughout the State of Florida

Artist Statement

The form of my work in clay is the flux between animals, toys and calligraphic line. The work is framed by childhood memory, folklore and fairy tales. Words, images and symbols are inscribed on the surface to create a narrative that reflects the drama of everyday life, dream and fantasy.

The measure of success I hope to achieve is how the pieces touch places in our psyche that connect with memories of childhood, and at the same time, reflect the contrasting dark nature of fear and the light of hope that are a part of being human.




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