Pete Fung

Pete Fung is a design student at Emily Carr University who saturates himself in the liminal space between art and design. Growing up in Hong Kong, Pete started traditional art practice at a very young age. In 2012 he entered the study of industrial design as he is always intrigued by objects and our relationship with the built world. He now focuses on more exploratory work, investigating new understandings, approaches and possibilities of design – Social Innovation, Design as Research and more recently, exploring narrative environment with Gillian Russell, a critical designer from the Royal College of Art. Making remains an integral part of his design process and practice while he is also interested in the ever-covering roles of craft in the contemporary world.

Artist Statement

I want to use design (everything we do is design) as a medium (express myself better through making) to understand (learn by doing, design as research) and respond to (provoke change, with the urgency of just wanting to do good things) the environment (built and natural) and people around me (local, immediate, physical).

Pete is a 2016 Medalta Student Award Resident

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