Mynthia is a Ceramic artist based in Calgary. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Printmaking and Ceramics and has exhibited both locally and internationally. Her main passion after pottery is travel, and whenever possible she will find a way to combine the two. Most recently she completed a two month residency at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan, and a short residency at the Ćesky Porcelán factory in the Czech Republic.


I strive to make inviting and functional forms to make daily rituals more enjoyable. I am always conscious of how the work will feel in someones hands, how they will use and hold it. I leave some of the clay bare on the outsides of the pot which creates ridges, bumps, and different textures for the user. It has been very important to me to broaden my knowledge and experiences in order to find the best possible techniques for my work. The more I explore, the more I prove to myself that I can never know enough about ceramics, and I can never stop learning.

July, August 2017