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Did you know that Medalta serves over 1000 students from five school districts, as well as students from private schools and the Home Schooling Network by delivering our cross-curricular programming?  Did you know that Medalta is home to over 30,000 artefacts and dedicates a significant portion of its resources to ensuring that the story of Alberta’s industrial heritage is told for generations to come?  Did you know that over 62,000 people will attend community events hosted by Medalta, creating a space where people make meaningful connections with each other and build our community?

What you may not know is that Medalta in the Historic Clay District is a non-profit organization that relies on community support and donations. Our education, artistic, heritage, and community programs are an important and vibrant part of Medicine Hat and surrounding area; these programs could not be offered without the generosity of our members. The reason we can do so much for you is because of overwhelming support. This membership is an important part of that support and ensures the long-term health of all of our programming. So, if you or someone you know resonates with our values, please consider membership as a way to support all of our community efforts.

Membership Levels

Choose your level of support for Medalta and the Historic Clay District. Each level is a great way to ensure that we are able to provide our unique programs for you and everyone else in our community. Many of the membership levels offer a tax receipt, as shown. All of our membership levels are renewable annually from the first of the month you join with us.


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