You’re nearly indispensable at work, and you know it. You work the hardest and have developed a high-demand talent because you saw an opportunity. You have to bust your butt because your job is directly dependant on your performance. That’s why you have no patience for a Runner who’s not pulling his or her weight. They affect the work you’re able to do and sometimes they need to be tuned in before they realize that. You have no problem reminding them who’s boss.

By nature, you’re very competitive. At work, you compete with your colleagues, knowing they can’t hold a candle to the quality & quantity of your work. It’s just too bad they haven’t realized it yet. As with your Runner, you have no problem taking a colleague aside (or out back) and reminding them, if they need it.

The Suits think they run the factory whenever they come down on the Floor but they don’t spend a lot of time with you. Probably because they know that in reality, you run the Floor, even if they run the business.

You expect things to be done right and appreciate a job well done. You worked hard to become a Jiggerman and you’re proud of having become one through your own effort.

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