You’re an Executive. The decisions you make directly affect those around you. You’re confident in your ability to move things forward and have the connections to make it happen.

You have grand aspirations and a strong belief in yourself. More importantly, you want to be in a position where you’re able to help others. As an Executive, you’re able to do that. Beyond your role as an employer, you’re active in the community through volunteering and even donating a bit to causes you believe in.

You are proud of the life you have been able to create for yourself and your family. You love the community you live in and are happy to contribute to it. In your spare time, you like to read or spend time with your family.

You see your job as a career and is something you are passionate about. As a result, you are always actively seeking opportunities to improve and gain knowledge.

Becoming an Executive took hard work and planning. Although you probably resist the term, you are a bit of an intellectual. You look at the big picture and are always interested in the question why. You wish the best for everyone and are happy to help out where you can.

Executive Package – $500

Custom Moleskine Notebook
Customized Flash Drive with video
One Book One Community Novel
Galleries West Magazine Subscription
Book of Photography
Annual Cypress Club Dinner for Two
Annual BBQ during Medalta AGM
Plus great benefits from other Southern Alberta businesses.


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