How can you not love your job? Yours is one of the few where you’re not hot & dirty all day. You definitely appreciate your job because you started out with that backbreaking labour, so you know what you’re missing. Through a few years of paying dues and the discovery of a unique talent, you’ve been able to move up.

The work you do catches peoples’ eye. Although you still have quotas to fill, you’re able to exercise a certain level of creative freedom because of your talent.

You’re pretty independent and have always tended to take a slightly different path from those around you. At work and at home, you have been able to carve out a nice little niche. While most others are heading to the pub, you’re heading to the park and through a bit of exploration, you’ve been able to find some pretty fantastic hidden little gems, like that spot on the river where it seems every fish lives.

You’re a thoughtful, precise person. You love you job and, more importantly, your life. Through your job as a Decorator, you have a bit of a creative outlet, which is satisfying.

Decorator Membership – $50

One Book One Community Novel
Annual BBQ
Plus great benefits from other Southern Alberta businesses.


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