To get the Medalta project off the ground back in 1986, a group of volunteers offered lifetime memberships to the Friends of Medalta Society. It essentially served as seed money for the effort of saving Medalta (which was a newly-crowned National Historic Site). It worked wonderfully.


A membership back then was more a show of support since there was no museum, art gallery, artists studios or anything else for people to visit. Hundreds of people thought the project was worthwhile and happily gave a few dollars. As we grew, those lifetime members were recognized and given free museum entry and a discount in our gift shop.

We still gladly stand behind our lifetime members as a thank-you for that early support.

Today, we are entering a new generation of Medalta membership – our most interesting to date. Many of our favourite local & regional businesses offer special deals to members of this program (with more coming on line all the time). This means that a membership to Medalta connects you to the rest of your community.

And depending on your level of membership (there are four options ranging from $25 to $500), you will receive a customized Legendary Notebook by Moleskine, a novel (selected annually by Medicine Hat’s own One Book One Community), a Galleries West magazine subscription, a flash drive with a great little video on Medalta and a photo book.

The idea now is to give as much back to you as possible. If you’re not yet a member, we hope you will join us soon. Look at each level in the following pages and find your fit.