Melanie Gaudet is a mixed media artist based out of Calgary, Alberta. She is currently a ceramics major at the Alberta College of Art + Design, and works with various materials such as clay, paint, and found objects. Her work questions the idea of function by arranging items in particular ways.



Me recent work is an exploration of how three dimensional objects exist in space, and their relationship to two dimensional representation. I am interested in how people respond to everyday items when they are manipulated or presented in a way that is abnormal. I work intuitively to create assemblages that combine ceramics, paint and found materials. The objects that I select for my installations are a combination of things that I make, collect, or find visually intriguing. The themes of identity, function and value are revealed in the objects I choose to abstract, as well as the careful consideration of how they are displayed. My aim is to toy with the viewer’s perceptions and to stimulate an experience that is both foreign and familiar.


Student Award 2017