Maribel Portela

Throughout my creative work I have always tried to explore the relationship between human beings and life. This link is expressed through fears and epiphanies, passions and hatreds, creation and destruction, dreams, imagination and the solid reality.

Because of creativity, man is able to transform their environment; that is exactly what I try to do with my work, building and creating environments.

Art puts us in touch with what is not ours in being, with that of which we cannot possess, dominate, with something like, metaphysics says, transcends us.  The work, almost inexplicably, received unanimous consent that carries a message that cannot be simply identified with its formal content.

The forms of representation may be very different, the artist may even resist the formal representation, but ultimately the message is always the same. This is the reason why art – do it and contemplate – is presented as a necessity, an unnecessary necessity, an activity without any practical purpose.

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