Magdolene Dykstra


Magdolene Dykstra has been working with clay since completing her B.A. with a focus on sculpture. She enjoys the immediate responsiveness of clay, as it records each gesture. Magdolene also finds inspiration in the long history of figurative sculpture in clay. She studies the people around her, as they go about their daily activities and interactions. As a high school teacher, she is provided with ample material for her work. Magdolene has exhibited her work in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Europe.


I am currently pursuing two streams of exploration: fragmented figures and clouds. With the fragmented figures, I aim to erase the individual. I choose not to fire the fragmented figures to reflect on the idea of impermanence. I am intrigued by the conflict between my desire to leave evidence of my existence through object-making, and the reality of my transience.

The Clouds show my interest in installation-based work. I am interested in the dichotomy between the mass of these objects and the ephemeral nature of clouds. The contrast between weight and lightness is highlighted by the fact that these objects are suspended from the ceiling, hanging over the viewer.


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