Born in Calgary, Alberta but having spent most of his life in and around Vancouver, BC, Logan Kenler is currently attending Emily Carr University of Art + Design, entering his fourth year in the Visual Arts program. Logan’s practice is located within the liminal spaces between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art, attempting to obfuscate oppositional distinctions of masculinity/femininity, craft/fine art, notions of ownership between maker/viewer, and bi-cultural identity.


I’m interested in how the notion of ‘vessel’ oscillates between characteristics of functional and sculptural forms, the transformative possibilities of clay, collaboration between material and process in the fabricating of objects, and the importance of community engagement in order to form meaningful relationships between the object and the viewer. While ceramics has been my primary focus for the past two years, other elements existing in conjunction with my ceramic work include drawing, textile, sculpture, installation, printmaking, gift-giving and the multiple.

Student Award 2017