Living West


OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, June 18. 7pm
EXHIBITION June 18 – August 8

Born in rural Connecticut, Katie Stone received her BFA in Ceramics at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Since graduation, she has been pursuing an artist career as an educator across North America. Currently she is supported by NCECA’s Regina Brown Fellowship for her year-long residence at Medalta.

Focused on the human animal experience and fuelled from personal history, her work is an exploration of dialogue and remembrance.

The city of Medicine Hat was built by the ranching and clay industry. Both have left behind numerous imprints on the land. Her work has been shaped from these relics and traditions. Farm equipment, slumping from the rust, sit like skeletons in fields of wheat. Horses and cattle dot every horizon line; held in by nothing but miles of land between them and the roads. Old trucks with the dirt from two generations ago still in their beds sit for sale on every street corner.

Animal forms, collected from experiences with the local wild life, interact with reclaimed scrap through Katie’s compiled sculptures. There is a quiet dialog between animal and the industrial object. This pairing is a retrospective of our influence on the world around us.

Built in solid form, each animal is begun out of blocks of clay. Often the reclaimed pieces are sculpted into the clay itself. This process causes a constant conversation between clay and metal; between fluid and physical; between animal and man.


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