Leah Spagrud is a ceramic and mixed media artist living and working in Red Deer, Alberta. She earned a BFA at ACAD in 2013, and soon after moved back home to set up her studio. Although she focused elsewhere, Leah has remained involved with the art and ceramics community both in Red Deer and throughout Alberta. Since graduating, she has been fortunate enough to be an artist in residence at the Banff Centre and has exhibited her work in Red Deer, Calgary and Medicine Hat. She consistently enjoys demoing and teaching clay to children, as well as taking part in a handful of local markets around central Alberta.


What I love most about pottery is its keen way of representing its maker. I’ve recently been exploring my pots as illustrations of who I am. I see the contrast of soft, translucent porcelain and robust, iron-rich stoneware as an extension of myself: strong yet delicate, full bodied and organic. Through imagery, pattern and humour, I celebrate my interests with no other reason than they’re mine. I see fat, dripping glazes teeming with colour, clinging to bare clay like an outfit thoughtfully chosen for a special occasion; unapologetically self indulgent and full of life. My work is a reflection me, and that brings me joy.


January – July, 2018