Lauren Balderama is a Memphis native, ceramic artist whose work is heavily inspired by poetry, and the objects and historical pottery found in antique stores while on road trips. The themes of their work centre around making monuments and mementos to memories and love through test and symbolism. Balderama completed heir BFA in ceramics at the Maryland Institute College of Art in December 2016. Since graduating they have begun to explore other sculptural mediums, continuing to expand on these themes, develop forms, and create new symbols.


Making work for me is about preserving memories and emotions. Through text and symbols such as the small cross, foliage, letters and numbers, I commemorate the memories of the person who meant the most, how it feels with them, and how it feels without them. Each piece can tell a story about a time when you realize maybe you are in love, or the moment it hits you how much you miss someone, or what they mean to you. They are about trying to not forget the places you went or the last time you saw them.