Kristin Murray is an emerging ceramic artist, born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1991. She began her academic career studying forensic archaeology at Brandon University, but later moved to Winnipeg where she graduated from the University of Manitoba’s School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree in 2015. Her first contact with clay came quite late in her studies, but proved to be a defining moment for her as it seamlessly connected her passion for craft, love of history and endless curiosity about the world and those who inhabit it.


My work is driven by the desire to understand and manipulate the role of utilitarian objects in the shaping of social interactions. Utility is the origin of all art forms, as evidenced by extensive archaeological research, and has thus become an important factor in the development of contemporary society and the rituals of daily life. My goal is to encourage the user to consider these objects of utility and connect them to a greater, shared experience on a metonymic level. This application of physical contact to inform intellectual interpretation, I feel, is featured prominently in the world of contemporary art.