Krista Roberts

I have always been drawn to art but I have only recently begun to pursue it full time. I started with night classes to learn basic drawing skills and eventually enrolled as a full time student. It was at a student exhibition when I first became aware of the artistry involved in ceramics, and I was immediately fascinated! I had sent in my application to the Craft and Design program at Sheridan College by the end of that week. Currently, I have just completed my first year of the program and I am thrilled to continue my learning journey at Medalta!


Functionality is the most important element in my work. I can love a form that I have created right through the final firing but, once I start using it for its intended purpose and I find that it does not work very well, I am quickly disenchanted with it! I also love forms that are unique. I do not want to create something that blends into the background. Ultimately, I want to produce useful pieces that make someone want to take a second look!


Krista is a 2016 Medalta Student Award Resident

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