Joy studied Visual Arts at the University of Balamand in Lebanon. After moving to Canada in 2010, she decided to go back to school for Ceramics at Sheridan College in Ontario. Joy enjoys traveling and photography when she is not working with clay. She grew up in a country that had no art galleries. As a child, Joy was told that a “gallery” only referred to furniture stores (Where paintings were found!). But the story ends well as she now creates ceramic furniture sculptures. Joy tries to use life experiences and memories to create objects that question stillness, hope, and sedentary lifestyles.


In Lebanon my grandfather was a carpenter. When the economy there crashed he was forced to give up his craft leaving no drawings or documents, only furniture work. I explore the connection to my grandfather and the objects he made through my own research in clay furniture.

Human beings only buy heavy objects when they have found a place where they want to make their home. Once you have furniture you are no longer nomadic. I make sculptures inspired by objects for the home as a means to alleviate feelings of loss, with the hope of creating a new habitat.

May – July 2017