Josianne Desrochers


I graduated from John Abbott College in Fine Arts in 2011 and from NSCAD University in 2014. I fulfilled my first solo show at the Anna Leonowens Gallery and represented the ceramic department at the Starfish Student Art Awards, an award that celebrates top talent across 10 visual arts disciplines at the university.

This year, I made a new piece for Art du Style. This November, I was selected as part of the 30 under 30 auction held at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. This March I had my second solo show as part of Trace, a project promoting emerging artists.


I generate art that is visually pleasing to gracefully unveil serious issues to the viewers. I am interested by the way women are sexually portrayed in mass media, particularly in cinema, television, music, advertising and magazines. I believe that they spread stereotypes strongly influenced by pornography. Unfortunately, these clichés are so well immersed in our culture that their repercussions are often unsuspected. It is with a touch of humor, sarcasm and a dense aesthetic that I highlight the hypersexualization of the young generation, the standardization of beauty, and the objectification and self-objectification of women in my work.

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