Joseph Howell Sivilli (born 14.03.1988) is a USA-based ceramic artist. He was educated primarily at the National Academy of Fine art in Oslo, Norway. He has since visited several international ceramic residencies in Asia and Europe, participating in a number of exhibitions in those places. He is now in the process of establishing a studio practice in his home city of Tucson, Arizona.


I am interested in the process of decay or, more broadly, change. I try to take a dispassionate approach to the longevity of my work, whether it consists of organic matter or not. I seek to challenge our traditional timescale, wherein some object appear frozen in time, a product of physical forces. By working in clay, I seek to exploit the material’s strong connection to the earth. All ceramics will eventually decay and give life to something new. In a sense, it is not decay at all, but simply nature at work: a paradoxical cycle of creation and destruction.

June, July 2017