John Gargano


Associate Professor John Gargano is a ceramist and became ceramics area coordinator at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2000. He has exhibited at museums and galleries in 15 states and received awards and Artist Fellowships in Ohio and Louisiana. Professor Gargano earned a B.F.A. with Honors from The Center for Creative Studies in 1992 and a M.F.A. From The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

John has taught in the Study Abroad Paris Program at UL Lafayette, participated in a residency at Watershed in 2011, and given numerous Workshops/Lectures at regional universities and Hartwick College in Onenonta, NY.


The ideas behind my art work stem from a fascination with mechanisms and forms of the human body, military armament and objects from the industrial world. These elements are intuitively mixed to generate universal forms that have a potential function. That mystery captures my interest and gives the work a chance for dialogue or interpretation.

The work often deals with parts, arms, or appendages that connect with pins, ball joints, or slots. Designing clay parts to fit together full-fills my need to engineer and provides an aesthetic contrast to the perceived fragile nature of fired clay.

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