010. Jocelyn Reid - The Warning (Detail 1) 009. Jocelyn Reid - The Warning 008. Jocelyn Reid - Back Talk (Detail) 007. Jocelyn Reid - Back Talk 006. Jocelyn Reid - Listening In (Detail) 005. Jocelyn Reid - Listening In 004. Jocelyn Reid - TouchTone (Detail) 003. Jocelyn Reid - TouchTone 002. Jocelyn Reid - Buds (Detail) 001. Jocelyn Reid - Buds

Jocelyn Reid is a ceramic and mixed media artist from Calgary, Alberta. Reid received her Bachelors Degree with Distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2013, and continued on to participate in multiple international residency programs and exhibit her work throughout North America. In 2015, Reid received the Alberta Foundation for the Arts’ prestigious Queens Golden Jubilee Scholarship for Visual Arts, allowing her to travel to Europe, where she was an Artist in Residence at the International Ceramic Research Centre in Skælskør, Denmark. Currently, Reid lives and works in Calgary.


As humans, we surround ourselves with a plethora of objects, and human experience ultimately becomes punctuated by the things we cultivate and eventually dispose of. The way I resuscitate and blend day-to-day items in my work allows me to question the emotion we inject into our surroundings, and objects act as the perfect signifier for this space. All inanimate possessions act as bookends for experience, becoming permeated with meaning, nostalgia, and often loving functionality. By referencing, warping, and blending mundane objects, I hope to frame the process of accumulation, and ask after inanimate presence and excessive collection.