I create functional tableware, and occasional art pieces, in mid-fire stoneware. My work is thrown or hand built and multi-glazed, often with wax-resist decoration. I have a passion for making forms that combine function, aesthetics and craftsmanship. I sell my work at a local farmers’ market and various stores and events.

My teacher Gordon Reisig has mentored me in all things clay. I began classes with him at Xchanges Artist Co-op, and he is now my studio partner. My education/career experiences in visual design also informs my clay work which I’ve been dedicated to for over fifteen years.


I’m a pragmatic sort who likes things to be useful, but am also driven by aesthetics and the unexpected. I love that a mug can function well, feel good on hand and lip and also contain something that delights.

I enjoy the entire process, taking a wet, awkward lump of mud and forming it into a useful vessel brought to life in a glaze firing. I’m interested in the ‘happy accident’ nature of clay and glazes — the combination of maker control and the unknown magic that occurs within a firing kiln.