Impact @ Medalta


Exhibition: September 22nd-November 12, 2016

Reception: Thursday September 22nd, 6-7pm.

Southern Alberta was affected by severe floods in June 2013. Our staff and community watched the rising waters, hoped for the best, and wondered if the doors to our museum would ever reopen to the public… when the water subsided we worked together to get our museum and community back on its feet.

Medalta’s sites were impacted by the floods of June 2013. Much of the damage was sustained to the collection areas of Medalta and uncatalogued artifacts in the Medicine Hat Potteries/ Hycroft site. The Government of Alberta demonstrated its commitment to supporting our recovery through its Provincial Recovery Framework.  Medalta successfully applied for funding for a number of collections based projects in flood recovery and flood mitigation. This multi-year project has resulted in support of over $500 000 through the Museum Flood Funding Program administered by the Alberta Museum Association to aid in the recovery and advancement of Medalta’s collections.

This unprecedented support in funding for our proposed projects has allowed the Collections Department at Medalta to quickly recover from the flood and move forward on many projects that were on our dream list. This flood will have a lasting impact on Medalta, we are fortunate that with the funding made available that this impact is a legacy; allowing us to move our museum decades ahead by protecting, cataloguing and ultimately sharing more of the rich resources that are housed under the 7 acres of rooved buildings that make up our collection in the Historic Clay District.

In this exhibition IMPACT @ Medalta we look forward to sharing our Collections vision and some of the gems we have found along the way as we advance through these generously funded collections projects.

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