Heather Lott

Heather Lott is currently studying ceramics at the Alberta College of Art and Design expecting to graduate with her Bachelors degree in 2018. Born and raised in California Heather was taking any ceramics and fine arts class she could at Orange Coast College   before she transferred to the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2014. She hopes her residency at Medalta is the first of many.

Artist Statement

The impulse to create ceramic objects that are meant for a life outside my involvement stems from an empathic standpoint. I invite the user to explore and understand the object through visual and physical engagement with my exploration of form and surface. This haptic perception that my work plays to is driven by my own curiosities. My current works are combinations of; altered forms, multiple layers of sprayed glaze, stamping, and textural carving fired in gas reduction kilns and high fire soda. Through this constant change of visual and tangible sensitivities I strive to engage the senses. The functional nature of my work is the core of my practice and allows for a comfortable and personal connection between myself, the object and the user.

Heather is a 2016 Medalta Student Award Resident

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