Grace Wirzba is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Born in the Comox Valley and raised in Eastern Manitoba, her interest in place is rooted in small Canadian communities. Wirzba is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Art) at the University of Lethbridge with a focus on printmaking and installation. In her time at the U of L, Wirzba has been very involved in Museum Studies projects and has completed several internships at the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, where she now works as a Gallery Assistant. Maintaining regular exhibition opportunities, Wirzba had a two person exhibition at CASA Public Art Gallery and will participate in an upcoming group exhibition at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.


Using interpretations of personal recollections to create immersive, interceptive installations, I approach my work through a dream-like response to personal memories. Concepts of home are embodied in my iconography. Textile, colour and texture are the visual language I am working with. My work uses the subjectivity of my own recollections of childhood homes and spaces as a catalogue of imagery.

Attachment to spaces from my past intertwines with an intense connection to my present location. I am curious about how the past influences an understanding of the current spaces we occupy. Through the process of installation, sculpture and drawing the memory-based images become interwoven with the architecture of the gallery space.


Student Award 2017