Medalta has become a popular field trip destination for groups of all ages. It is an industrial heritage museum, contemporary artists space and thriving community centre. Field trips to Medalta generally consist of:

Museum Tour:  See the factory where clay was processed from rocks taken from the clay pits to mouldable and/or pourable clay used to make pottery. See potters at work using the original moulds and jiggers to make bowls, vases, teapots and other wares. See the collections of items made at Medalta. Walk into the “Blast Shack” to watch how dynamite was used to gather clay from the cliffs.

An opportunity to work and create with clay:  Participants will be given a “lump of clay” to create a piece of pottery. General instructions will be given as to the nature of clay and how to work with it. If requested, a professional ceramic artist may be available to work with participants for this portion of the field trip. This is an additional cost. Clay projects are dried and fired and can be picked up at Medalta within a couple of weeks after the field trip. Although it varies, field trips are usually 1.5 – 2 hours in length (this includes both the tour and the clay projects). Trips/tours can be individualized depending on the ages and number of group members and with the curriculum goals of the class. Teachers and other group leaders are encouraged to arrange these trips early as times fill quickly – especially in the spring. Teachers and other group leaders are welcome to meet with our Education Coordinator to arrange specialized/individualized programming.

Cost: The cost of this field trip is $5.00/student (plus GST if over the age of 14). Teachers and accompanying adults are “no charge”.

To register or for more information:  For more information about any of these programs or to create a unique and individualized program, please contact Carolyn Freemen, BA, MSc, Education Coordinator at 403.529.1070 or by email at