Exploring Our Landscape: Industry and its Environments

This tour is over! Stay tuned for more exclusive experiences @ Medalta

Our next exclusive experience is a one-time-only tour to explore the fascinating natural landscape that surrounds Medalta!

The Historic Clay District isn’t just factories – the 150 acre area includes Seven Persons Creek, overgrown train tracks, and secret animal habitats! For the first time ever, Medalta offers an outdoor experience in partnership with Grasslands Naturalists to guide you through the landscape, interpreting the makeup of wildlife and geology. How have natural elements and industry affected one another over the years? What are the geological features that gave way to the industry that made its home here? Meander with us through the brush to uncover the quiet stories that the landscape holds. We’ll likely meet deer or a pheasant along the way!

This experience features a snack of foraged food prepared by local food connoisseur, Maddison Kalista: Chokecherry sourdough pancakes and burdock-dandelion “cold brew”.

Every participant will also get to choose one of two beautiful books to take home: In Plain Sight: Exploring the Natural Wonders of Southern Alberta by Neil E Jennings, or Alberta – A History in Photographs by Faye Reineberg Holt. Thanks to Heritage House & Rocky Mountain Books.