Emma Dickinson is a ceramicist from the North East of England, UK. She achieved her bachelors degree in 2014 from Manchester Metropolitan University studying Three Dimensional Design, specializing in ceramics. Since graduating, Emma’s work has been exhibited throughout the UK, in London, York, and Manchester. She is keen to give an insight into a part of her upbringing, dress making and pattern cutting with her gran. Emma uses these patterns and memories as a strong inspiration for her current practice.


Textiles and ceramics share multiple similarities, and often call to one another in terms of assembly and fabrication. Applying recognized methods of making from one discipline to another, I create work that refers to these dual characteristics. My work explores dress patterns and garment construction, as both a source of visual inspiration and as a vehicle for creating 3D form. I like to use varying processes of creation that complement one another whilst also acting as a link between textile and ceramic.


June, July 2017