Medalta has become a popular field trip destination for groups of all ages.  It is an industrial heritage museum, contemporary artists space, and thriving community centre.  Our Community Classroom is part of a city-wide network of organizations all offering curriculum-based, enriching cultural immersion experiences.

A Community Classroom is an innovative curriculum-based program that moves classroom learning to Medalta for part of or for an extended period of time ranging from 2 to 5 full days.

Students and teachers use this new ‘classroom’ to engage in learner-led, hands-on, inquiry-based learning and exploration through tours, journaling, and a host of creative activities. This model makes information come alive, and has an incredible power to inspire students and teachers!

  • Classroom teachers work closely with the education coordinator to custom design a program with an experiential focus in a fascinating and educationally rich environment where experts bring curriculum to life.
  • The program length (usually 5 consecutive days), offers students the time to slow down and become immersed in each hands-on experience they encounter.
  • By moving their classroom into the rich world beyond the school, learning also becomes deeper and students become more informed and involved members of their community.
  • Medalta is ideally suited for this learning approach as it is rich in cross-curricular ties for all grades in all subject areas.
  • This opportunity is aligned with the student-centred focus as outlined in Inspiring Education.
  • Although the length of time for a Community Classroom is usually one week, special programs can be designed based on the ages of students.


The site cost for a week is $500.00. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the school.

For more information about any of these programs or to create a unique and individualized program, please contact:

Carolyn Freeman, BA, MSc
Education Coordinator