Haunted Doll Factory



Thursday, Oct 29th from 4:30-8:30 p.m.

Come out, dress up and enjoy a fun-filled evening of events. No charge to attend. 

A haunted doll factory
Children’s tour from 4:30-6:30
Adult/Youth tour from 7:00-9:00
Family pack (2 adult/2 child) – $40
Adult – $15
Child – $8
Please note: Tickets for the haunted factory are very limited. They are pre-sale only.

Pumpkin carving – $5 per pumpkin
Trick or treating
Best dressed costume prizes

Thanks to a generous donation by El Dorado Vegetable Farms, Value Village, The Post and Salvation Army.  

In conjunction with Market @ Medalta.

Haunted Doll Factory @ Medalta

By day, Medalta is a well-respected industrial museum that hosts artists from around the world and features a weekly Market. Tens of thousands of happy guests visit. Kids get immense joy from playing with clay – their smiles are wider than their faces. Beautiful, whimsical artwork is around every corner. Sure, there are some dark corners in this century-old factory. And yeah, sometimes when the wind picks up, these old windows rattle and creak. But really, the joy and positivity that radiates from visitors, volunteers and staff pushes any creepy thoughts far to the side.

At least while the sun is up. Once night falls, Medalta becomes a much different place.

The smiles are gone. That artwork you admired is consumed by the shadows that slowly creep out of the corners. Sure, you know those shadows are crawling towards you because the sun is setting. But still, they feel ominous, don’t they?

And if you’re brave enough (or foolish enough) to stay until those shadows consume you, Medalta will become a completely different place.

Where the daylight hours are dedicated to beauty and joy, darkness means Medalta is a different place. By night, Medalta’s old machinery stops churning out pots and starts producing something that seems innocent but feels ominous. Sometimes, under the cover of darkness, Medalta becomes a doll factory. Hundreds of blank faces stare across the old, dusty darkness. Suspended by machines in this place, you may be able to feel them reaching out to you. Can you feel their eyes on you? Can you hear their thoughts? Can you imagine the men and women toiling on these people in this place? Creepy, isn’t it?


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