Dianne Lee

Dianne Lee is a Toronto based ceramic artist and instructor. She was born into a military family in Lahr, West Germany in 1983 and was raised in towns and cities in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. Dianne received a BDes from OCADU in 2006. After graduation she worked in England for three years, during which time she interned with British potter Deborah Baynes. Later, Dianne lived and worked in New Zealand for a year where she was a member of the Wellington Potter’s Association. Since returning to Toronto in 2012 Dianne has participated in locals exhibitions and sales. In the Spring of 2015 Dianne completed a 10-month mentorship program lead by Ceramic Artist, Linda Sormin and is currently working on an interdisciplinary project with New Orleans based visual artist, Robyn LeRoy-Evans.


I am drawn to clay because of its movement, memory, malleability, continuous state of flux and stillness. I explore imagery as it relates to the ever changing environments I grew up in. I explore narratives through both two and three dimensional materials, combining and juxtaposing materials and objects to strike a balance. By using memory as a means of research my aim is to find moments when personal symbols and metaphors were created. I use video, sculpture, colour and likeness to create this narrative, reasoning with and deconstructing these symbols in hopes of creating new terms.


August 2016

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