Christine Waugh


Christine Waugh is a ceramicist and mixed media artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since graduating NSCAD University with a BFA: Ceramics in 2009 she has maintained a studio practice, completed a residency with the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design (NSCCD), participated in Nocturne 2010 with an independent project, and exhibited in a variety of group shows.

She is currently focused on an expanding studio practice.


My work deals with reverence and the transference of power. By drawing on forms from historical religious architecture from around the world in combination with modern electrical structures, I seek a secular reverence.

I use clay for its common place nature, modelling ability and the transmutation to permanence it achieves through the firing process.   Creating these forms has become a ritual, almost meditative process, an intuitive arrangement of forms stacked together.

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